Transform your Outdoor Space with a Paver Patio

June 22, 2020

Between the arrival of warm summer nights and the amount of extra time we’ve all spent at home in recent months, it’s likely you’re looking around your home craving some fresh, updated spaces. Whether you’re in need of an outdoor space for dining, grilling, and entertaining, or just a tranquil place to unwind after a busy day, pavers are likely the best option for the outdoor space you’re envisioning!

Why Pavers? Pavers are quickly becoming the most popular choice for patio spaces for a variety of reasons. Their durability, versatile design options, and lavish appearance for such a modest price are just a few of the reasons you won’t have to look any further to start piecing together the patio you’ve been dreaming of. 

  •  Pavers are incredibly durable, especially in comparison to other leading patio materials (concrete, wood…etc.) The lifespan of pavers is measured in decades.  In a volatile midwestern climate, it’s essential to select materials for your outdoor spaces that will withstand the elements and environment. Pavers are resistant to cracking, root growth, frost, erosion, deterioration from deicing salt, and other natural wear and tear.  However, professional installation is key to ensure minimal movement due to seasonal climate changes. 
  • Pavers are incredibly low maintenance. If you’re in search of a material that requires little upkeep, look no further. Pavers don’t require annual staining or sealing to maintain their durability or appearance.  In addition, repairs are quick and simple when necessary. Instead of having to replace an entire slab of concrete or a rotted out wooden base, pavers can be replaced individually if one becomes stained or damaged. To keep clean on a weekly basis, simply rinse with a hose or sweep any debris without fear of damage. 
  • Pavers offer a high end look for a low end price. Due to their natural appearance and Old World elegance, it’s impossible to go wrong when choosing pavers for any of your outdoor spaces. Paver patios gain their popularity for being among the most highly customizable and stylish outdoor spaces. Pavers are available in a countless variety of stones, colors, sizes and design options, ensuring you will be able to create a unique space that fits your individual style and needs. In regards to pricing, the allure of pavers resides in their promise of minimal maintenance. Initially, the price is comparable to most other materials of similar aesthetic; however, with such little upkeep, the initial installation is the only significant cost. This differs dramatically from most other patio options, which require frequent and often costly maintenance, especially considering midwestern climate. 

As you move forward transforming your traditional landscape to an outdoor space that embodies the comforts of your home, consider how you can use pavers to bring your vision to fruition. A paver patio will not only increase the overall appeal and value of your home, but it will serve as an investment that will lend itself to you and your family for years to come. 

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