Take care of those steep slopes with a retaining wall.

March 24, 2021

Landscaping is an art that is used to enhance curb appeal and improve the functionality of your lawn. Most homeowners are eager to tackle small landscaping projects, but run into challenges when dealing with sloping on their property. It can be difficult to discern what to do with slopes and hills, especially when they rob you of usable space or begin to cause larger issues. Sometimes this is the result of a walkout basement or the general layout of your home, and sometimes it’s just the general terrain. Either way, it might be time to call in the experts and discuss how retaining walls can provide much needed solutions to protect the stability of your home and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.

What is a Retaining Wall? 

Retaining wall is the general landscaping term used when vertical walls are built into a property to retain soil and scaffold various levels of elevation. This is also referred to as terracing. Retaining walls are extremely versatile in both design and material options but are most commonly built from stone blocks made from sandstone, limestone, or cement. A retaining wall is an easy and effective way to protect the stability of  your landscape. 

How can a retaining wall protect the foundation and functionality of my property?

The number one way retaining walls offer protection to your landscape is by preventing erosion caused by rain and run-off water. Even slight sloping causes water to pool in the same areas of your lawn, leading to soil erosion and even flooding. In time, this can significantly impact your landscape and even the foundational integrity of your property. In these cases, retaining walls are considered a necessary safety feature more than anything else. When structural support is the primary goal, consulting a professional for help selecting the right materials is essential.  If sloping doesn’t affect the foundation of your home, but is leading to erosion elsewhere, strategically terraced retaining walls can ensure proper drainage and prevent soil from sliding over time.  With all of the time and energy you invest in caring for your lawn, retaining walls provide an insurance policy to protect both your home’s foundation and overall landscape.

How can a retaining wall improve the aesthetic of my landscape?

In addition to the foundational support retaining walls offer, they also add depth and a level of luxury to your landscape. Due to their versatility and structural properties, some of the most eye-catching landscaping features are built using retaining walls. Our landscaping experts are well versed in selecting the right materials and design patterns to enhance the functional space and overall aesthetic of your lawn. Consider using a retaining wall to create patio spaces, convenient seating areas, terraced garden beds, and elegant walkways. Whatever you’re envisioning, we’ll work with you to bring that vision to life!

Whether you’re considering a retaining wall for structural support or just to enhance the aesthetic of your yard, retaining walls offer a guaranteed upgrade to your overall landscape. Learn more about how you can use retaining walls to add value, stability, and curb appeal to your property by connecting with one of our landscaping experts. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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