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Incorporating hardscapes in your landscaping design

April 22, 2022

Looking for ways to upgrade your landscape this spring? Freshly filled flower beds and a well-maintained lawn certainly go a long way, but creating a beautiful yard with functional spaces to enjoy requires so much more. Incorporating hardscapes, such as patio spaces, walkways, fireplaces, and retaining walls are key to creating livable space outdoors to enjoy. Hardscape features are also often worthwhile investments to increase property value. The options for integrating hardscape features into your landscape for any style and budget are endless! Need some ideas? Check out our five favorite hardscape projects!

1. Patios

A patio space is a foundational feature in every outdoor design plan. Patios create functional outdoor living spaces by extending your home outdoors. Be it a small, intimate area for unwinding with close friends and family or a grand entertainment space complete with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, there is a patio option for every need, budget, and style. There are a variety of material options to choose from, but stone and concrete pavers are two of the best options for both durability and design options. 

PRO TIP: Considering a shaded patio space? We’ve got you covered. Covered patios and pergolas are both great options for East facing homes that receive harsh evening sunlight. An added bonus – they double as a beautiful focal point! 

2. Walkways 

Walkways are another popular hardscape option. Install a walkway around your home, throughout flower beds, or beneath raised garden beds to create contrast and add accessibility throughout your property. 

3. Fireplaces and firepits

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are hardscape options that check all the boxes. They’re stylish, functional, and are often a worthy investment towards your home’s overall value.  A fire feature creates instant ambiance and offers a warm, inviting space for gatherings. Fire features also extend the functionality of your patio spaces, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors during the chillier midwest months. There are options for every style and budget, from lavish stone fireplaces to more rustic and budget friendly fire pit designs.

4. Water Features 

Water features are a classic way to invite tranquility into your outdoor spaces. Water features are notoriously calming; plus, they just feel lavish, which is why they are such a pivotal design element in spas and resorts. Bring the luxury to you! Some popular options include water walls, fountains, brooks, and koi ponds. Water features are a convenient hardscape option since they can stand alone or be easily incorporated into existing landscaping.

5. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often a critical hardscape component, as they serve as the strongholds to protect against structural damage and erosion. Retaining walls can also be used to create cascading flower beds, tiered garden beds, or seating options around a fire pit or patio space. Whatever the purpose, the engineering and structural integrity of these features is essential. All of our projects are customized and carefully designed to be structurally superior in quality.  Check out pictures of some of our former projects for inspiration! 

In addition to our hardscape building projects, we offer a variety of landscape options to improve the overall layout and aesthetic of your lawn. From landscaping design to incorporating the right hardscape features and materials to extend your home outdoors, we’ve got a design in mind! Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a landscape plan that captures your vision! Contact us today to chat with a member of our design team!

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