Fall is not too late to install a new paver patio!

October 11, 2021

If there’s one thing Nebraskans love, it’s spending time outside with family and friends, and there’s just something about a cool fall evening that makes the experience unforgettable. 

And when you’ve got a beautiful, expertly-installed paver patio, you’ll be all set, even into the winter, if the weather cooperates! 

But what if you don’t have a paver patio already? Is it too late to start a new hardscape project in your backyard? Absolutely not!

Fall is a convenient time to install.

The experts at Groundscapes of Lincoln install paver patios well into the fall and even into the winter — typically up until mid-December! These months are fantastic for hardscape installation, as outdoor activities aren’t at the height of their popularity, and your yard won’t be seeing as much traffic as it typically does in the spring and summer. 

Installing a paver patio in the fall is a great way to maximize your time outside during the year — you’ll have all spring and summer to use your yard for water fights, grilling, and playing catch, without ever having to take a break for construction. 

The other big plus to installing in the fall is that, by the time spring rolls around next year, you’ll be able to dive right into life on the patio, as soon as you can handle the temperatures!

Fall weather is often ideal for installation.  

While many think that spring is a great time to install a paver patio, the truth is that the often-wet, muddy conditions of spring can make the process take longer than planned. Typically, rain in the fall is less prevalent and heavy than in spring and summer, and less of a risk to your construction timeline. 

Since the temperatures are cooler in the fall, your lawn will also be preparing itself for winter. With dormant grass, gardens, and other foliage, the patio build is less likely to damage any of your decorative or agricultural plant life in the process. 

Because so many customers expect spring and summer to be the best time of year for landscaping work and hardscape installation, the beginning of the year is often very hectic for landscaping companies. This can mean that your wait times may be longer than what you were hoping for. By choosing to build your paver patio in the fall, it’s likely that the disruption of installation will be brief and simple. 

Find a new season to love your yard!

Summertime is full of options for enjoying the outdoors, and those options start to dwindle as the temperatures drop and the leaves change colors. By doing a fall installation, you’ll be giving yourself and your family the gift of a whole new season to spend outside. With the right layout, a firepit, and a few blankets, you could be enjoying your new paver patio well into the winter. The possibilities are endless! Thanksgiving in the backyard in the crisp fall air, hot cocoa (with extra marshmallows) and carols around the fire, maybe even a hot toddy with friends over the weekend. 

Curious about spending a cozy fall in your backyard?

Contact Groundscapes of Lincoln today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about hardscape and paver patio installations in the fall!

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