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Does a paver patio increase your home value?

June 2, 2022

Patio and deck of modern style ranch house

Looking for ways to upgrade your landscape this spring? Freshly filled flower beds and a well-maintained lawn certainly go a long way, but creating a beautiful yard with functional spaces to enjoy requires so Looking for an investment worthy home renovation project this summer? Due to the current housing market and record high cost of building materials, choosing a financially wise home improvement project is more challenging than it once was. Fortunately, the addition of outdoor living space is almost always a worthwhile investment. Paver patios have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Could a patio space be the perfect summer project to maximize your living space and boost your home’s value? We sure think so!

What is a paver patio?

Paver patios are built from individual paving stones. These paving stones, or “pavers”, can be made from clay, brick, stone, concrete, or manufactured materials to look like the aforementioned materials. There are quite literally hundreds of colors, sizes, and textures to choose from. Pavers are then placed together like a puzzle in a design  to create a patio space, with sand or grout being used to fill the spaces in between.

What are the benefits of pavers?

  • Pavers are durable. Most pavers are 3 to 4 times stronger than concrete. This helps sustain the longevity of your patio.
  • Pavers are ideal for a midwestern climate. Pavers are installed piece by piece which makes them ideal for seasonal changes. As the temperature fluxes throughout the year and the ground shifts, pavers can individually flex and settle back with each season without risk of breaking, as often happens with slabs of concrete.
  • Repairs are easy.  If one paver does happen to break, you are able to replace the broken piece without affecting the rest of the patio space.
  • Paver patio upkeep is low maintenance. Simply sweep, hose off, or use a leaf blower to clear off debris. A little soap and water can be used for a deep clean. You can also purchase sealants to make maintenance even easier.
  • Installation is a breeze. Pouring traditional concrete or building a wooden deck is time consuming and labor intensive. Installing a paver patio can be done in a weekend without the degree of heavy equipment. 
  • Pavers create a much more upscale outdoor living space as opposed to concrete. The design options are endless and they lend themselves nicely to the addition of fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

What does a patio paver cost?

Determining a budget for what you will initially spend on a paver patio is determined by the materials you choose and how large of patio space you intend to create. You’ll also need to consider if you plan to install yourself or hire professionals. Keep in mind, laying pavers is tedious work and there is definitely an art to creating a thoughtfully designed and expertly installed patio. We highly recommend consulting with professionals about your vision and budget before beginning. 

How does a paver patio add value to my home?

Paver patios increase your home’s value in a few different ways.  A paver patio extends your home outdoors and creates an area for relaxing and entertaining. A patio may not increase square footage in the way an actual addition might, but livable space is more than square footage. Home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with outdoor space they can enjoy.

A paver patio also adds to your home’s curb appeal. Real estate agents unanimously agree the curb appeal paves the way for first impressions. Investing in your home’s landscape and hardscape is a sure-fire way to attract potential buyers.  

How can I maximize the added value?

Keep it simple. Choose durable and practical materials, and select a modest design plan. If your primary goal is to monetize your investment, it’s probably not the time for a designer grade flagstone paver patio. Hire a professional to help you choose quality, yet cost effective materials and professionally install for quality assurance. 

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