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5 easy tips for enhancing your curb appeal.

July 23, 2021

Summer is here and Lincoln’s nightlife isn’t the only thing heating up. The housing market is on fire right now! It’s a seller’s market and first impressions are everything. There has never been a better time to maximize the value of your home. Now is the time to cash in on your home’s curb appeal. Does your home’s first impression leave something to be desired? You don’t have to be Joanna Gaines to create a front cover worthy home reveal. Improving your home’s curb appeal is simple with these five design secrets professionals swear by.

  • Tailor your landscaping. Landscaping tailored to the style and shape of your home can completely transform your overall curb appeal. Consider adding garden beds to frame your entryway and walkways. Incorporate symmetry into your landscape to instantly add a level of luxury. Landscaping that features thoughtfully placed large plants tends to feel more lavish. Achieve this by adding large perennial bushes like boxwoods for year round color; then, shape for instant elegance. Fill in the remaining space with plants that vary in color and texture. Add a berm, raised garden space, or flower boxes to add additional dimension and color to your landscape.
  • Light up your landscape. A brilliantly lit landscape creates instant warmth and illuminates each focal point of your home. Not only does landscape lighting enhance curb appeal, it offers a level of security- which is a must for homeowners and buyers alike! Install a variety of practical lighting fixtures and accent lighting to line your walkways and brighten up your entryway. Thinking about do-it-yourself solar lighting? Think again! Check out our post on landscape lighting for why professional lighting is the way to go! (link to landscape lighting post)
  • Clean up hardscape surfaces. Is your standard concrete driveway stained, cracked, or wearing away? Does the walkway to your front door require a separate liability insurance policy? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Before you commit to completely replacing damaged and dated hardscapes, there are less costly ways to revamp your hardscapes with a little elbow grease and creativity. Begin by power washing all hard surfaces. You’ll be amazed at how much a deep clean brightens everything up! Repair any cracks and resurface areas that have worn away. Consider staining your driveway for a consistent, clean finish. Update your walkways with stone or brick pavers for a more contoured, polished look. Frame with landscaping and custom lighting to really bring life to your hardscape spaces.
  • Make over your entryway. Be it large or small upgrades, updating your entryway is a quick and easy way to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. It’s also time friendly as it’s usually just a day or weekend project. If it’s in your budget, replacing a dated front door is the perfect place to start! Or perhaps your front door could just benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Dark matte colors for exterior doors make a bold statement and are right on trend! (Check out Tricorn Black in matte finish by Shermin Williams.) Updating hardware, light fixtures, and house numbers also offer a quick face lift. For finishing touches, style your entryway with a large welcome rug and a potted plant on each side of the front door.
  • Maintain, maintain, maintain! As is true with all beautiful things in life, they must be cared for to maintain their beauty. Whether you’re updating, upgrading, or just polishing up your existing lawn and landscape, maintaining your investment is the best way to ensure your home’s curb appeal is one step ahead of the Jones’. However, proper maintenance is time consuming, which is why we’re willing to put in the time so you don’t have to. Our lawn care experts perform weekly visits to keep your lawn and landscape looking its best.

Whatever your vision, we’re all about the details. Let us help you enhance your curb appeal and make an impression that will be the talk of the block. Call us for a quote today!