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Check out some landscaping options to include in your outdoor living space.

Natural stone, freestanding accent wall with raised flower bed and bench

Planning your outdoor living area.

Paver patios? Landscaping? Retaining walls? Check out some options to include in your outdoor living space. With the worst of winter finally behind us, spring fever has us excitedly anticipating warmer temperatures and evenings spent outdoors! However, there are probably a few things on your to-do list before you pull out the patio furniture and […]

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Brighten your winter days with winter garden planning.

The winter months have a way of dragging on for what can feel like an eternity, leaving us daydreaming about spring showers, April flowers, and warmer days that feel much too far around the corner. If the winter blues have you feeling a little dreary, what better way to lift your spirits than planning your […]

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Benefits of pruning your trees in the winter.

Winter is often the time homeowners place landscaping maintenance on the back burner, not only due to frigid temperatures, but because most believe there’s nothing to be done for their yard during winter months. However, a beautiful landscape is something that needs investment year round! For most trees, tree trimming is actually a task that […]

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Brighten up your path this winter with landscape lighting.

The majority of homeowners desire to illuminate their yard with some kind of landscape lighting. Yet, year after year, most settle for some substandard package of solar powered lights they find on the clearance rack at the end of the season, only to be disappointed by the reality that you get what you pay for. […]

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Get a thicker, healthier lawn with overseeding.

Have you spent the entire summer vigilantly watering, mowing, and fertilizing your grass, only to be left with a dull, patchy yard? If so, you’re not alone! This is a common frustration voiced by homeowners. The appearance and health of your grass has the ability to make or break your entire landscaping. A vibrant, lush […]

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It’s time for a fall yard cleanup! Now, where do you start?

It’s no secret that fall is often a time when it’s easy to neglect lawn care and maintenance. Aside from raking leaves, most don’t know there are several other necessary tasks to prepare your yard for the winter months. Tending to your lawn and landscapes in the fall protects them during the winter and drastically […]

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Top tips for choosing the perfect outdoor fire pit for fall!

As the sun begins to set a little earlier and the crisp autumn air begins to settle in, we are pleasantly reminded that fall is coming quickly! From cookouts to relaxing evenings on the patio, you’ve likely spent the last several months enjoying your outdoor spaces and are a little disappointed to see those nights […]

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5 tips to keep your water feature looking its best.

Water features are a delightfully classic way to invite tranquility and invoke a serene ambiance into your outdoor spaces. But like all landscaping, they require routine maintenance to keep them looking polished. Maintaining water features can sound intimidating, but with these 5 simple tips, you can keep your water feature flowing smoothly and looking its […]

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Transform your Outdoor Space with a Paver Patio

Between the arrival of warm summer nights and the amount of extra time we’ve all spent at home in recent months, it’s likely you’re looking around your home craving some fresh, updated spaces. Whether you’re in need of an outdoor space for dining, grilling, and entertaining, or just a tranquil place to unwind after a […]

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